Be You

We are just people,

Trying to hide ,

Trying to find who we are .

Hiding the scars , we show the world how strong we are .

Still, there are these rooms inside us, fighting the demons.

Fighting with our weaknesses, trying .

Trying to change the vulnerability to strength ,

The sadness to happiness.

We are all linked to things, to people, to ideas, to fantasies .

These are the things that make us who we are.

So if you feel like dancing, dance even if you are bad at it .

Sing, even if you know people will not listen .

Write, even if you know it will never be published.

Travel, even if you know you will never be able to buy a ticket to that one destination.

Love like there is no tomorrow.

Cause maybe there is not.

You never know what happens so stop hiding ,

Stop covering your scars, show them off and say that you survived .

Accept your weaknesses, they belong to you but improve on them.

Ask questions because you don’t deserve to live without the answers.

If you are sad, cry but know it is never going to be the same tomorrow.

Live and laugh because you get one chance at life,

So don’t hide.



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