Call it magic

The wonderful things, the miracles that happen around us everyday.

Do we notice them?

We look at things, we feel things and we think about a lot of things.

Have you ever thought about the miracle that you are?

Every organ is performing magic just to keep you alive.

We have found answers named it logic and named it science but have you ever thought that it is magical?

Isn’t it magical that what you think you can do.

What you feel you can express.

You can move your fingers in patterns,

You can flow with the music.

How you can see someone and fall in love with them even more.

How you can remember and cherish the smallest of the moments.

Have you noticed behind every tear, every smile there is a miracle.

It is not something placed in your body but something placed in your soul which helps you feel magic, touch magic and see magic.

We are all cabalistic.

We are all mysterious.

We are all different.

We are all magic.

We are all miracles.


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