Distortion of our senses.

Seeing hazy, being in a confused state.

It is different in one moment and completely different in another.

The first thing that comes to our minds about illusions are those cards and games and how you see something different every time you look at it.

It is almost scary.

Those games are inspired by us.

We people are the very inspiration behind it.

We create illusions of how people want to see us.

We are different at different times.

Different with family, different with friends.

We are continuously changing, trying to be something more, something else.

We all are wearing masks, we keep on changing them while we are trying to find who we actually are.

It is not bad, it is just that we are trying to give back something which is expected of us.

We are all trying to make it worthwhile and enjoyable.

We like to be mysterious.

We like to be confusing.

So no one would touch that part of you, that screams you.

That is you.

This is the illusion.

The illusion we create for ourselves as we are trying to fit in this world.

Only a few understand the making of it or at least try to.

Only a few can see the constant in it and only they will stay with you forever, helping to find who you really are.

Beneath those masks, clearing the confusion.


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