The Fight

The fight to the top.

The apex.

All the battles we fight to make our life meaningful here.

We are fighting, continuously unconsciously.

Pulling and pushing each other in the race that doesn’t even exist.

We are seeing the struggle,

Observing, but just to destroy each other.

Seeing the chaos happening around us.

We aren’t realising what we are losing.

We are polluting ourselves,

This mayhem is leaving such a dark imprint on us,

On everything we touch, everything we feel.

Making us question our life, our very existence.

We wonder if its too late.

But our life, it is just like a spiral, we circle around and every time the distance to the top is shorter.

But all we need is the core, the centre of gravity to keep us balanced.

We need to find peace within ourselves.

We need to understand that we are just mere specks of dust in this galaxy.

We need to understand that life is short and life is long,

Just not in that order.


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