We are all puzzles.


Trapped in the confusion of opposites and similars.

Shrouded in the synthetic fibres and synthetic thoughts.

Providing a constant justification of how the world must be.

We look at things, see but not observe them.

We have barricaded ourselves in this walled garden,

Blurring our vision,


And then collision.

Well it is all just an illusion.

We are stuck in the labyrinth of just practicality.

Burying ourselves in the shield protecting us from the bullets fired.

Continuously evaluating,

Exploding with inferences.

Looking at people like adjectives,

Mere descriptions.

We are an egregious age,

Changing a whisper to a scream,

Desire to hunger.

Just traipsing, with a little mental wobbling.

Surrounding ourselves with strangers,

Just with similar faces.

Surveilling them like a watchdog but perceiving them exorbitantly.

What if I say, we were all wrong from the start?

We are people who couldn’t handle the true state of nature, the overwhelming chaos.

Chaos of twisted unanimous agreements of basic minds,

Their buried resent and discontent.

We are what we see.

Our perceptions is maybe just our reflection,

An infinite abyss of just Ourselves.


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