I am nothing extraordinary,

Completely drenched in mediocrity.

Clichéd as they say, with dreams, platitude.

Just absorbed in my thoughts,

Sipping freshly brewed coffee,

I live the life of a solivagant.

Walking along winding roads,

Finding greater meaning in our true state of being.

Greater meaning on delicate sunsets,

Dots of streetlights guiding me home each night.

The shifting landscape and the blossoms of springtime.

Without worldly possessions in these needy hands,

Relieved by the gift of life.

I ponder what if i am overlooking the colourful hues and nature’s generosity.

The timeless memories and these answerable silences.

Because it is easier to complicate things but to keep it simple,

Has it’s own beauty.

Without being entangled in the barbed wires of complexity,

We should believe in the magic of the world.

Out of the clutter,

We should find something that can change the world.

We should find simplicity.


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