I have a drive to drive through empty roads.

No other car in sight.

Windows down,

My kind of music.

Manoeuvring through every curve of the earth and progress of man.

I want to reach cities and suburbs.

Oceans and lakes.

Buildings, tall and short.

Houses, big and small.

I want to see distant cities look like a million fireflies flickering in the night sky.

I want to take that detour just to feel closer to home.

I want to chase the clouds at day and the moon at night.

I want to drive aimlessly through snow and rain,

Hills and valleys.

Cycling through the mediocrity and triviality of popular culture,

I want embrace the beauty of strangers met and those I couldn’t stop to say hello.

I want to glance inwards,

I want to be on that wheel.

Because I know this just isn’t a drive to drive,

But a drive to find myself.

Out of the universal fad,

I want to be a misfit.

Maybe in this dark cocoon,

I want to learn how to fly.


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