I have lost track of myself.

No intentions, clinging on the last intricate fabric of someone I used to know.

I don’t even look same in the mirror anymore.

It is like two people separated by the ocean of time.

We all came in a box, labelled and packaged in combinations so we could be easily organised.

I just feel hidden behind the name tag and one part of me will never see the light.

My ears are tuning out the chatter.

My mind, trying to filter out the world.

I am turning all the knobs, ripping through the papers of my skin.

Bleeding ink, soaking all of the world I have denied.

I just feel apocalyptic, like a volcano ready to burst.

Folding myself in clenched fists.

I don’t feel the same anymore,

With my eyes adjusting to this everlasting darkness.

I am gripping on the last pale idea of paradise.

I feel my life has just been a cascading series of accidents.

I am terrified,

Afraid, not of who I am but what I have become.

Tumbling into the bottomless pit.

Only dreaming how life would be out of the labelled package.

I feel meaningless,

Somehow comfortably  numb,

Sort of irretrievable as  my dreams end and the world begins.



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