Poetry is when an emotion has found it’s thought and the thought has found words – Robert Frost

So I had an emotion and by the above mentioned law of transitivity I found words. But this time I will let you coin your own thought.

In the following poem you will come across a couple of choices. You have the liberty to choose any one of the words from the choices. Keep in mind that no selection will affect the other, so choose what you feel is right.

Go ahead and create your own Chaotic Beauty.


(Once / Twice) upon a time ,
In a hypothetical box of contrasting harmony,
Of (Compulsive conundrum / pseudo chemical tranquility).
Lies a dissociative disorder of doubt ,
(Right / wrong),
(Association / isolation),
(Centrifugal / centripetal)
(At the end / before beyond),
With the (factual heart / fictional mind)
(Cinching / hurdling)
Through the (infinite restrictions / limited variability)
Towards the (light / shadow)
One can (remember / forget),
The (expanded microcosm / contracted universe),
Where no dimension is parallel.


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