When a boy tells you he loves you

When a boy tells you he loves you,

You will be in the washroom, hiding,

Believing because he is an intellectual snob,

That even your greatest critics would praise.

Believing because this time , he has finally broken up with his girlfriend.

And you will hope.

You will hope, waltzing through the school corridors,

Exchanging smiles, whispers and sunsets,

You will be ignited, like a sulphur match on sandpaper.

Hoping for paradise , summer paradise,

And he will say he loves you,

And you believe him.

You will believe him when he tells you he is the red in your rainbow,

And you grow roses in your soul.

You will believe him when he points out your flaws , the differences.

You will believe when he calls you a dormant volcano.

When he calls your summer paradise, a sunburn.

And you will slowly see the thorns growing out of your hands,

And in the arbitary blackness , you will realise

You are just a lacklustre poetry in his unfinished book.

But you will still paint him in strokes and hues , and write ,

The prepared speech of love,

Pen down every word,

Maintaining the perfect wordcount and layout of the lovers,

Hoping he will write back,

In correspondence.

But he doesn’t, he throws the letter,

And spills logic from his lips and

You will hold your hands trying to catch the falling letters,

Trying to screen your thoughts,

Like your coffee.

When a boy tells you he doesn’t love you,

But your bestfriend

It will be Heartbreak dawn,

Night seeming like a burning ember skinning your heart.

With monsters in the corridor,

You will be in the washroom, hiding,

Camouflaging with the pitch black vaccum

Feeling the same way, as the leaky faucet which you ignored the first night he told you he loves you.

It will take time,

And trust me, time will take time too,

Texts, calls and ignorance.

It will take everything to stop the wheels from squeaking,

To understand that he was just a kindergarten project ,

And you were Trying to see the beauty within all of his confusion.

You will realise that you are better off when you don’t have them

You will realise the the annihilation caused by the sneaky switchblade,

You will realise that when this boy tells you he loves you, he doesn’t mean it.


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