Dots per Inch

Tiny glowing squares, Fragments of memories scattered on a bitmap. Staring at the cracked screen, Ghosts of eyes and punching letters. In these pixels we confide. Beyond illusions, The closer you get , The more I fade. Snared in this pixellated blur of technological time lapse. My insecurities are etched into representations. My body withered […]

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A duet. Where notations meet words, Instruments meet a voice. Where the strings meet a pen, And where a melody meets a rhyme. That is where I meet you. I was just a scribble and you, an unfinished piece. We started Grave, a sort of free verse. Moving into Adagio, Dsylexia turning into a Hyperlexia. […]

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Fragments of a failed society. Jagged pieces,a work of art. But objectified,still. A hurricane, with floating stardust. A philocalist, nebulas in the soul But dismantled by madmen. Hypocrites, Fainting and fawning over pretty faces, then locking them up in cages. Pretence, Vicious tongues sugar coating, then rambling unguarded content. The manipulative stab, with a miseducated […]

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I have lost track of myself. No intentions, clinging on the last intricate fabric of someone I used to know. I don’t even look same in the mirror anymore. It is like two people separated by the ocean of time. We all came in a box, labelled and packaged in combinations so we could be […]

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I have a drive to drive through empty roads. No other car in sight. Windows down, My kind of music. Manoeuvring through every curve of the earth and progress of man. I want to reach cities and suburbs. Oceans and lakes. Buildings, tall and short. Houses, big and small. I want to see distant cities […]

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I am nothing extraordinary, Completely drenched in mediocrity. Clich├ęd as they say, with dreams, platitude. Just absorbed in my thoughts, Sipping freshly brewed coffee, I live the life of a solivagant. Walking along winding roads, Finding greater meaning in our true state of being. Greater meaning on delicate sunsets, Dots of streetlights guiding me home […]

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We are all puzzles. Enigmas. Trapped in the confusion of opposites and similars. Shrouded in the synthetic fibres and synthetic thoughts. Providing a constant justification of how the world must be. We look at things, see but not observe them. We have barricaded ourselves in this walled garden, Blurring our vision, Confusion, And then collision. […]

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