Riding through a cold February night, The wind cool and damp, whipping my hair like a weapon. Clutching onto the cold metal handle, I put my head out, which before – was trapped, killing my window seat desires, The train, ghostly with grey roads, changed their rails like my weary head. As my bones get […]

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Day1 – Stroke of Midnight

    Dreamy nights, Under the soft, fluffy whiteness of my sheets, We look up at the same sky. Breathing the same air, Sharing the same bed. Your hands on my waist, I see the smile on your face, But your eager eyes say so much more. You, Lingering in my golden dream, wrapped in […]

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On a drive home, Propoganda and hype turned to paper mache , litter the road.  Transmitting a benign world of just pseudo photographic proclamations.               Inspiring innumerable iterations, yet devoid of rational thought.  With the traffic and my pink floyd song too loud , I zone out at the […]

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Low probabilities, Odd chances, A breathless thoroughfare of tremors. Solid and usual objects are ghosts. Eyes wide shut, Everything is across the partition, An erasure of material compulsion. An old regime of wear, tear and demotic fragmentation. I have an idle mind and a vacated life, Constraining me an invisible cell, With a trap of […]

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Were you born with a label? Oh Yes? Me too!! Like a glossy tag tearing the flesh. Unconsciously stuck, Excessively active. Comfortably indescribable. Stale. Tragic. It’s stuck and is so pathetically intriguing. People don’t see see the designer bottle that it covers, Or all its liquid energy that it is full off? Am I empty? […]

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Poetry is when an emotion has found it’s thought and the thought has found words – Robert Frost So I had an emotion and by the above mentioned law of transitivity I found words. But this time I will let you coin your own thought. In the following poem you will come across a couple […]

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